About Us

Lai and Associates is a proud Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider for various industries, offering licensing, cloud and custom IT solutions to Medical Manufacturing, Military, Regional and Municipal clients in Canada and the United States.

As a team, we help SME and enterprise clients identify process improvement opportunities and leverage their existing Microsoft 365 environments to develop and deliver secure, efficient and effective productivity apps, workflows or solutions.

Custom or Out of the Box, our solutions are helping thousands of daily users across North America collaborate, communicate, or individually contribute to delivering products and services across key industries.

Our Service Commitment

A challenge of successful organizations in today’s increasingly digital world is the ability to effect meaningful digital transformation while enabling teams to continue working as before. Delivering the care or service, products or solutions their clients depend on. 

IT Solutions that seamlessly blend the use of technology with the organization’s goals are only truly achieved when they enable efficiency without sacrificing the integrity of the process. At Lai and Associates, that is our mission.  

Using a winning combination of IT Solutioning and Corporate Communications, we collaborate with our clients along their Digital Transformation, leveraging Microsoft 365 as the cornerstone of our services. From migrations off legacy systems to assessment-led license assignments, cloud solutions for archiving, collaboration and productivity and custom applications designed and deployed within the client environment, we design and deploy solutions with the client’s perspective at the center of the process.  

Coupled with the effective communication needed for adoption and service usage, our strategy enables the entire organization to intuitively employ new digital tools and strategies. From frontline workers to the executive, communication forms part of our strategy, and along with our partners, associates and, of course, the client, we continue to evolve our services to exceed client expectations.