An employee leave management system that automates employee leaves and vacation tracking.

Expense Management

An application that helps track expenses, categorize them, process reimbursements, and create reports to analyze.


A work hour tracker and timesheet with project and team management.

Employee Violation (Union)

A user friendly system for HR/ Supervisor to keep records of employee’s Violations and actions taken.

Room Booking

A user interface for MS 365 users to see the availability of the 365 resources (Rooms) and book it based on need.


A platform that helps companies manage the process of welcoming new/ potential employees into their organization.


An app that helps companies manage the process of hiring new employees, from collecting resumes to offering Job Offer letters.

Data Collection

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Employee Recognition

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Incident Management

A tool to keep track of all the incidents happened in the organization and recommendations associated with it.

Ticketing Systems

An application that help companies manage and track Customer/ Employee requests.

Change Management Systems

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