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* New Years: Year in Review video, waiting for more assets to finalize

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Google Business Review:

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Nothing to report for the week of September 14th – September 21st

Annual Performance Review and Goals & Objectives

  • up on SharePoint


  • Preparations are underway

AirBoss Content Management

  • Content Library has been pushed to Adam for remote access
    • Content can be viewed by location/year and then searched for keywords and tags
    • Library is constantly reviewed and being updated to keep it relevant and easy to manage.


  • Potential ideas for additional photos that could be added to the AirBoss Glassdoor account:

Auburn Hills

  • Working on paperwork to get back into the US to finish outstanding projects

Recruitment Campaign

  • Hiring Ads are on pause due to potential forthcoming UAW Strike
  • Job fair banner has been delivered
  • Swag campaign – we are gathering info from grocery stores and city of auburn hills for use of totebags, popcorn bags and coffee sleeves
  • ‘Day in the Life’ video, planning shoot

Oakland Interview

  • Emmy feature with Oakland University professor

HR Application

  • Application nearing completion
    • Demonstration video created and sent off


Safety Slides

  • Arranging a meeting with david to continue library work



Safety Slides

  • Working with Matt Erickson to revamp the monthly safety slides

Jessie 40th Anniversary Spotlight

  • Jessie is still out sick, waiting to reschedule interview

AoA Sprout Reports

Weekly Numbers
Monthly Report - August

ADG Sprout Reports - 100 Half Mask and Nitrile Gloves

Weekly Numbers

Screen Health Check

September 14th - September 21st
Auburn Hills ScreenCloud Update from Munayem:

Screen Live Stream Content - Sample

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Ace Demo Screen


  • Ace screens – Tiffany will reach out when they install the new screens to get them setup


Articles are being written

ADG SharePoint

Work has begun with LaSha

AEP/Work Instruction

  • Met with Eric & Kevin to review next steps for finalizing Job 2908 work instruction (Press)
    • Meeting with Devonte on the Quality section next week

Golf Tournament

  • Event was a success
    • Video being edited which will highlight the foundation and their efforts to raise 50 million dollars in 10 years, as well as AirBoss’ involvement.
Shortgrass Landing Page

Brand Guides

  • updated with new pictures and sent to chris f for review
View Brand Guide

Silo Logo

  • logo updated on silo
  • plan to get new drone shot

Below photo credits, award winning photographer, Morris Eddy.