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Aneesa – Building Relationships and Power Apps, at the same time.

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While most of us were still figuring out what we wanted to do at the age of 22, Aneesa Ali is already two years into an IT operations role at Lai and Associates

While most of us were still figuring out what we wanted to do at the age of 22, Aneesa Ali is already two years into an IT operations role at Lai and Associates, completing a co-op placement at San Francisco startup Nerd Wallet, and finishing off an engineering degree at the University of Waterloo. 

So, what makes Lai and Associates the perfect place for Aneesa to learn? 

We’ve developed very good relationships with our clients because of our broad services,” Aneesa says, “In turn, we can create personalized solutions for whatever they need. We’re kind of a do it all, one-stop service, which is convenient for clients and something that I find very unique.” 

This should come easily to Aneesa, since she’s a jack-of-all trades herself. A quick look at her resume will tell you that, despite her young age, she’s worked at several top-tier companies in IT and data operations. But Lai and Associates gave Aneesa the unique opportunity to work on her projects from start to finish. 

I get to see that my work is serving its purpose

“It’s exciting when I create something and I get to see the final product in action. I watch the client start to use it, and seeing that end stage is amazing,” she says. ”I get to see that my work is serving its purpose, then I know what I do really makes a difference and helps the customer.” 

Aneesa is quick to note that while she loves being able to use her technical skills, working at Lai and Associates provides her with experience beyond her IT functions. Working at a small agile firm gives her visibility beyond IT and data departments. 

“I’ve definitely learned a lot of communications skills. I’ve also learned how to understand requirements, approach a solution, and solve problems for all sorts of different projects, which is a very important skill.” 

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