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Building Her Stories One Frame At A Time – Meet Srishti

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Meet Srishti

From Humber College to Lai and Associates, Srishti's unique set of skills gives her an edge in video production.

Lai and Associates’ multi-talented video editor  Srishti began her studies in film and TV at Sheridan College and finished them in TV writing at Humber College.  Srishti immigrated to Canada from India in 2019 and has been showing off her amazing skills ever since. Her unique background gives her an edge over the competition. We caught up with Srishti to find out more about her blossoming career.  

How do clients benefit from working with Lai and Associates? 

The most significant advantage is that our products are diverse and the company really takes the time to get to know the client. All our products are personalized or customized, and because innovation is the company’s core philosophy, the product never fails to satisfy the client. We always find a better way or something different to do, which surprises clients and keeps them going. All in all, I feel like clients benefit a lot when working with Lai and Associates.  

How do you know you can depend on your fellow employees?

Depending on each other is never a problem here. Everyones accountable to each other, everyone is responsible, and everyone does their work. Ita nice safety net to have because we all want to make a quality product that exceeds the clients expectations so that we can facilitate the growth of the company. We’re all on the same page, so it’s been effortless. 

What skills and talents do you bring to the team? 

I studied editing and writing at Sheridan. The mixture of the two has given me a nice edge within the company because a lot of the videos we make are about telling the stories of the employees or companyI love to combine my skills in pre-production and postproduction to tell a cohesive story. Live switching of events is something that I’ve also started working with. It’s just about keeping up with technology, updating our software and navigating editing that way.  

What excites you about your projects? 

It’s putting stories together. I’m very curious, I like learning about people and then putting them in context to the companies where they work. I like to make sense of their lives in this moment. That’s really interesting to me. I also love editing things like short documentaries, which I did a lot of in school When I started working here, Basil introduced me to the employee videos he makes with AirBoss, and that’s really fun for me. It’s just about getting to know these people, who Ive never met, figuring out stuff about them, and putting a product together that works with the client and the employees. In a way, it’s something that makes everyone happy. I like making people happy. 

What would you say to someone fresh out of school who wants to follow your career path? 

I’d say hard work always pays off, as cliche as that sounds.  It’s important to stay calm because when youre graduating, there are so many uncertainties, and there’s a lot of unknowns about where youll work and what youll do. I feel that people forget that the journey of school and life, in general, equips you with the skills you need to face the world.  Remember to trust yourself. This industry is everevolving so keeping up to date with what you work with is something that’s also really important. 

Researched and written by Maria Bitsakasis.

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