Document Processing

We offer digitization of critical paper-based data, done onsite and with no impact on the original documents.   Using high-resolution digital imagery, our hardware/software solution enables thousands of documents to be processed in one session.   Adding custom metadata improves searchability and makes finding files by name, year, department/location or other topic, both fast and accurate for users.

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Human Resources, Medical Records, Plans or Blueprints, all digitally captured securely to the cloud in seconds.

Standard pages to 11×17 Blueprints

Files often contain documents of varying sizes or materials; with the BookDrive system, we efficiently capture all without the need to adjust equipment or process.   Promoting standardized and efficient digitization projects delivered across multiple client sites/departments.

Custom Metadata assignment

Identifying key metadata points is critidal to any digitization project.   Our system allows for OCR data to be assigned/reassigned custom metadata tags, needed for faster searches and referencing across multiple search titles.


Each page is independently captured as an image, from books, bound files, or individual pages of folders. The images are then exported ready for use as a searchable PDF, able to be read and searched on any MAC or PC with Metadata XML support.

Additional features

RAW file support

RAW support and a workflow that allows you to convert from RAW files to lossless formats such as TIFF

Non Destructive Process

Easily insert missing pages, and replace or delete unwanted ones. All the affected files will be corrected automatically.

Efficient processing

Live view images on the screen allow correction of shutter speed and aperture before the image capture process   Fast shooting up to 800 pages/hour