Intranets in M365

Great Intranet designs can address both the user’s and the organization’s needs while being intuitive to both parties. Establishing a central location for collaboration, news and updates, housing documentation and policies are core functions of these sites, and with all that data stored in one place, securing (and managing access) completes the effectiveness of the design.

With a mix of user types, organizations can benefit from intranets designed to offer security features like file and folder access privileges or document controls. Keeping critical data secure while easily accessible for the approved users.

For increased collaboration, intranets are central to document sharing, learning hubs and resource libraries to keep everything from new hire forms or maintenance requests to training documentation and brand guides.

The Wave

We have designed an intranet that delivers these core components, getting organizations started on their path to efficiency and collaboration.

Already have an intranet?  We have a host of add-on solutions for teams in HR, Operations, Finance, Clinical staff and Board Members, among others. Custom-built for SharePoint, these apps are built right into the client environment, leveraging the security that is native to M365.

Savings are inherent in this approach as well, as the designs are available to get sites started with ready-to-go installs. Need custom features? We can add options that meet your workflow expectations to keep teams working with minimal downtime.

Just book a call with our IT solutions team to get you started on your version of The Wave.

Inform and engage your team and organization

Disseminate news and updates that not only educate your audience but also spark discussions, with options to post news in a Microsoft Teams channel and keep the dialogue going there. Employees reap the advantages of networking while you gain insights into the influence and engagement a post creates. With automated news dissemination and marketing, you can broaden your stories’ reach and even direct pertinent news to the appropriate audience.

Employee sharing and Engagement

The intranet has been enlivened, and a sense of camaraderie has been cultivated. Employees have the option to give a thumbs-up to individual comments or respond to a comment made by a colleague. Keysight keeps track of engagement by observing which articles and types of content garner the most comments.

The act of sharing videos and posts can often be the most favored type of content on the intranet, serving as a beacon of positivity during difficult times.

Tailored Intranet for You

The design of your intranet should mirror your company’s branding. This includes the use of your company’s logo, color scheme, typography, and any other visual elements that are part of your brand identity.

The contemporary work environment is rapidly transforming. To foster efficiency, involvement, and teamwork, it’s essential to have the appropriate digital resources to link and assist employees, no matter their location. SharePoint’s adaptable interfaces effortlessly adjust across devices, presenting your content attractively on various screen sizes. This eliminates the need to create multiple site page versions for different devices. Whether employees are interacting with your content via the SharePoint mobile app, a browser on a PC or Mac, or Microsoft Teams, you can be confident that your content will appear exactly as planned.

Enterprise Search

Efficient data retrieval enhances productivity by allowing employees to quickly find relevant information, while seamless access to shared resources fosters collaborative decision-making within the organization.

Organize your Intranet

Link related websites to establish a dynamic environment that compiles activities from each connected site. Hubs promote uniformity through shared branding and navigation, providing the added advantage of enabling content search across sites, and flexibility to re-link sites with any hub allows for swift adaptation of your intranet to organizational changes.

Hubs such as a Learning Hub for all staff, Resources Hub for the organization’s resources, and a separate Policy Hub for all company policies.

Hubs helps organize your intranet, providing

shared navigation and branding, a roll-up of content and searches, and a home destination for the hub.

They are the “connective tissue” you use when organizing families of team sites and communication sites together. They model relationships as links rather than hierarchy or ownership so that you can adapt to the changes in the way you work in a dynamic, changing world.

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