Live Events


As our global business environment changes, live events are becoming more important than ever for successful communication between employees and their organizations, shareholders and executives, and residents and their city officials. They capture a bigger audience, boost interaction, create a competitive advantage, and lower traditional event costs.


Bump up the quality of your in-person events. We’ll take you from the standard shared PowerPoint presentation to broadcast quality, including video, speaker titles, branding, and engaging graphics.

Our professional crew will arrive at one or more of your locations to facilitate seamlessly.

Select this package if you have up to three presenters and one location. Select add-on services like post-production editing and subtitling, voting for AGMs, additional cameras to capture different angles, and event moderation to make the most of your event. 

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When Durham Region’s Taran Sambi and Sonia Salamone needed to show off the region’s massive appeal to real estate developers, they knew the task called for a big event to shine a light on the region’s immense development potential. 

The problem? Covid-19 made it impossible to host a showstopper event that truly communicated the amazing opportunities available to developers in Durham’s eight municipalities (Pickering, Ajax, Brock, Clarington, Oshawa, Scugog, Uxbridge, and Whitby). Or so they thought.  

The solution? Durham Region put out a request for proposals to agencies to create its first virtual Durham Region Realty and Developer Event to appeal to site selection companies.  Taran and Sonia wanted the virtual event to pack the punch of an in-person one, but pivot to the strengths of a remote meeting on Microsoft Teams. 

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Combine an in-person and virtual event with our hybrid package. Bring your audience together in-person and virtually to drive engagement.

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Corporate Communications


Effective corporate communication starts with a strategy based on business needs. We work with you to design engaging, impactful, and thoughtful solutions for your business in English and French. Working with us is like having in-house experts. 

Intranet Design, Content, Management

Let’s connect your employees to business-centric information with a cutting-edge intranet built in SharePoint. Using SharePoint keeps files secure, centralizes everything in one place, and allows for information sharing and collaboration.

Sustainment comes through engaging, timely, and fresh content. We work with you to develop employee-focused communications on a strategic cadence to keep engagement high. 

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Mobile Communications Platform

Internal communications only work if it reaches all of your employees. When some don’t have consistent email or computer access, they feel left out, compromising safety, customer service, culture, innovation, and engagement. 

The solution? SMS text messaging to their smartphones. It’s quick, reliable, and accurate.

We can help you set up an SMS system to send messages regarding:

  • Safety Announcements
  • Plant Closures
  • Remote Work Updates
  • Production/Operations
  • HR Announcements
  • Company News
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Newsletters and Internal Communications

Looking to keep employees and customers informed on the latest news? We can help you with newsletters and internal communications that include original copywriting, photography, video, and design. Creating these in-house reduces turnaround time and maintains a high standard of excellence.

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Digital Signage

Add to the reach of your intranet or website content with digital signage. Capitalize on foot traffic around your office or in retail settings to reach employees and customers with snappy bite-sized communications.

Our digital signage offering is fast to spin up and is deployed and managed by our Solutions team. Keeping with your branding, we can push content to any TV screen fitted with simple hardware like an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Using OneDrive or other cloud-based apps, you can add your content with one drag and drop, making communications instant. Powerful new features that incorporate Power BI can feed accurate data on production numbers and other key metrics almost instantly. Content is easily customized for different screens even in one workplace.  

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Social Media

Finding your voice on social media allows you to control how your brand is perceived, enhancing your reputation. Social media management requires a mix of content creation, scheduled posting, monitoring, and most importantly, social listening.

Our robust social media tools give us that edge that many content creation strategies lack. Monitoring and listening are the best way to know what you should say next, and that’s an excellent strategy to stay relevant in this fast-paced space. 

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