External Portals

A portal is a Microsoft SharePoint site on your intranet with many site viewers who consume the content.

Organizations, may have several dedicated portals for various teams, assigned varying levels of document control and access. These can include Board members, finance teams, clinical staff, HR and admin, volunteers and more.

Typically portals have relatively few people who create and author the site and its content for document management, and can assign and revoke user access and functionality.

Some typical external portals include:

  • Board of Directors Portal
  • Volunteer Portal
  • Vendor Portal
  • Customer/Client Portal

External user access from anywhere

We have designed an intranet that delivers these core components, getting organizations started on their path to efficiency and collaboration.

Already have an intranet?  We have a host of add-on solutions for teams in HR, Operations, Finance, Clinical staff and Board Members, among others. Custom-built for SharePoint, these apps are built right into the client environment, leveraging the security that is native to M365.

Savings are inherent in this approach as well, as the designs are available to get sites started with ready-to-go installs. Need custom features? We can add options that meet your workflow expectations to keep teams working with minimal downtime.

Just book a call with our IT solutions team to get you started on your version of The Wave.

Inform and engage your team 

Users need to be informed of the task of the meeting, or a topic to be address, these can be added to the news section, prior to a scheduled meeting, reducing emails and promoting collaboration and document access, where needed.

Meeting Minutes

Having documents of past events also added to the portal enables self-paced learning and updating for portal members that are only active after hours or on volunteer time. Keeping everyone up to date with updated information accessible  on their time.

Meeting Agendas

Notes agendas and more are great tools to keep teams members with ad hoc availability, on topic and efficient, posting these also sends notifications to all approved members of new content being posted, eliminating the need to find the meeting agenda in reems of email threads. This brings the user to the content.

Tailored for You

The design of your portal should mirror your company’s branding. This includes using your company’s logo, colour scheme, typography, and any other visual elements that are part of your brand identity.

The contemporary work environment is rapidly transforming. To foster efficiency, involvement, and teamwork, it’s essential to have the appropriate digital resources to link and assist employees, no matter their location.

SharePoint’s adaptable interfaces effortlessly adjust across devices, presenting your content attractively on various screen sizes. This eliminates the need to create multiple site page versions for different devices. Whether users interact with your content via the SharePoint mobile app, a browser on a PC or Mac, or Microsoft Teams, you can be confident that your content will appear exactly as planned.

Additional Features

Centralized Document Management

  • Version Control
  • Coauthoring
  • Central storage with controlled access.
  • Collaborative workspace
    • Committee
    • Projects
    • Event Planning

Resource Spaces

  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Guidelines
  • Forms and Templates
  • Key Links
  • Organizational Documents

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