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Making your own Take 15

Take 15 is an innovative web-based learning tool designed to help users adapt to new technologies in the workplace.  More than just educating your team members on “how to use it”, Take 15 takes an interactive approach using a 15-minute audio/visual webcast format to help reveal the actual advantages of the subject matter – new technologies, systems or software – and encourage quick adaptation and use in the workplace.

Take 15 does not replace training; it enhances the experience by using relatable workplace examples and experiences to highlight what the new service or technology can offer the user and, more importantly, helps encourage its use.  The webcast format allows for greater reach throughout the organization and easy user access.

The real advantage of Take 15 is the host of the segment.  Having experienced and knowledgeable experts help take fellow team members through the technology, sharing their experiences, and using real work scenarios is what Take 15 was created to do.

You are the host

Take 15 is an effective learning tool because it is based on the knowledge and experiences of the host.  And since you are on this page, you have been identified as the right person for this task.  It’s because we know you have the expertise in the subject, the practical understanding of its applications, and the communicative skills to help others understand and use the new technology being introduced.

For the viewer, seeing a fellow team member sharing their story on using the technology in a workplace scenario goes a long way in helping them see what it can do for them and help with quicker adoption of the new service, software, or technology.

As the host, you will share what you think is essential about the subject being discussed.  Anything from your hands-on experiences with the technology to tips and shortcuts you feel make it work better.  Your goal is to help the audience, who does not have your expertise, better understand the technology and what it can do for them.

Start the Take 15 process

As the host, you have some goals you want to achieve.  So before you start thinking about what you want to say, think about what you want people to take away from this 15-minute presentation.  Essentially: what you would you like them to learn from this segment?

To help craft your take away messages, here are some questions to consider:

  • What are the important advantages of the new service?
  • What examples can I draw from my own, or colleagues, experience in using the service to illustrate its advantages?
  • Why would the team want to use this new technology?
  • Who will this new technology or service benefit?
  • How can I help overcome the natural hesitancy to adopt new technologies over legacy systems?

If you are having trouble focusing on what messages you want to tell or stories you want to share, our production team is there to assist you with that or any other concerns you may have.

The Producer

Our producer has only one goal when working with you:  How to help communicate your message in the best way possible.  Working closely with you, our producer will create an engaging webcast, both audio and audio-visual, that tells your story efficiently and effectively.  All of the audio and visual work is taken care of by the producer, with all filming and recording done in a relaxed and fun environment.

Our producer also has the answers to all your questions concerning the production process:

  • How long will the process take?
  • Am I on camera?
  • Is it audio/visual or audio only?
  • Do I need to write a script?
  • How big of a process is the production?
  • How much room will we need?
  • Where is the production done?

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