TimeSheet 365

When selecting a timesheet app for your organization, it’s essential to consider all available options. Timesheets are essential for accurate payroll calculations, monitoring employee productivity, and improving time management skills across your team.A valuable tool to assist HR and other managers in tracking the effort of their teams is timesheets. But how do we leverage digital enablement strategies and ensure security for this task? 

Using an app brings benefits that track employee time management data, like hours worked, which project they worked on, the status of the project, etc.Securing the data while managing costs by having a custom app built within your Microsoft 365 environment gives both these benefits.

Manage Projects or Teams.

Tracking projects and tasks are also helpful in managing large teams or multiple projects at once. Many teams may also want a breakdown of tracked time by task, project, or client. By viewing this data in aggregate, you can quickly identify trends and make changes to optimize workflow. 

A tool for tracking.

Our timesheet app is a digital tool for tracking employee time management data, all stored within your existing Microsoft 365 environment. It includes features like hours for employees, contractors and sub-contractors designations, project management tools and client invoicing. Tracking the hours worked by an individual or team, a project of the client, and track project progress. 

What TimeSheet 365 solves.

ReportingDetailed reporting is essential to gain insights into your team’s performance. An app that can generate reports on time worked, payroll costs, and project progress can save you time and money. The timesheet apps will provide a template for generating reports and the ability to export data in CSV or Excel formats for further analysis. 

Invoice ManagementA timesheet app can help generate invoicing and provide the feature of integrating the app with popular accounting software like QuickBooks.

SecuritySecurity is a top priority for any organization. The employee data and other information need to be more secure, and Microsoft provides it with the apps.

Ease of useEase of use is tremendously essential. It’s one of the apps in your business that all employees will be using daily, so it needs to be intuitive and straightforward.