E-learning is the go-to solution for remote training and standardization of content delivery. How do you provide equal knowledge sharing with all employees when trying to limit travel and conference expenses and still make sure training aligns with your business goals? How do you report on training for audit compliance purposes? The answer is an e-learning program delivered via a learning management system (LMS). 
Weve developed custom and turnkey LMS platforms and content for many clients, from municipal to manufacturinghealth and safety and medical facilities. 
We can help you deploy e-learning through a ShareKnowledge LMS that allows you to provide tailored training to your entire workforce remotely, be ISO audit and OSHA, and ensure best-in-class quality control. While helping you introduce e-learning to your business, we will craft custom courses from scratch or from your existing materials to standardize training globally, assist with audit compliance, and increase employee engagement.

Already have an LMS? Let us help you evolve your learning culture by understanding your content, creating videos specific to your needs, transitioning your SOPs into engaging e-learning content, and converting your current content to e-learning.

Need a turnkey solution? We provide software on-demand from our secure servers, protecting sensitive content and maintaining all material within our environment. For example:

  • Residents of municipalities can experience an interactive virtual experience about their city, complete with completion certificates awarded at the end of a successful course.
  • Machine operators and other staff can keep up-to-date on their safety training, and managers can get metrics on participant performance.
  • Health care workers can learn standard operating procedures to keep them safe.

Let us be your one point of contact for execution, hosting, content design, and technical support.

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