We’re a proud Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) offering full-service IT solutioning. With over 25 years of experience, our value lies in combining cutting-edge technology, video production excellence, best-in-class communications, and attention to detail.

We lead a team of experienced associates who follow industry trends and are up to date on best practices enabling us to deliver activations, solutions, and ongoing managed services.

The Products team, headed by Rondha, focuses on applications, managed services, and custom solutioning.

The Solutions team, headed by Basil, works closely with customers to bring learning and development content, live events, and communication strategies to life. The two teams come together to deliver bespoke and effective programs to our customers’ most difficult challenges.

Who We Are

Rondha Ramdeo-Lai

Rondha Ramdeo-Lai

Lead Consultant | Microsoft 365 Champion of Change

With a background in IT solutioning and digital enablement, Rondha works with her clients to create processes that replace manual activities, reducing and simplifying workloads, improving efficiency, and saving valuable time and resources. A passionate champion of change and project management Rondha's at her best in the thick of a client's challenges, building strategies and delivering solutions.

Basil Lai

Basil Lai

Lead Consultant | Communication and Instructional Design

Basil’s talents reside in video production, sound engineering, events, corporate communications, and engagement strategy development. Building on his successes as the founder of Basil Lai Entertainment in the Caribbean, Basil has expertly executed corporate communications, municipal resident engagement, and digital adoption strategies for Canadian clients over the past five years.

"Our biggest advantage is that our products are diverse and Lai and Associates really takes the time to get to know our clients. All our products are personalized or customized, and because innovation is our core philosophy, the product never fails to satisfy our clients. We always find a better way, or something different to do, which surprises clients and keeps them going."

Srishti JaiswalVideo Editor | Production

"Working together as a team is the foundation of Lai and Associates' success. Being able to turn to each other and get the benefits of each person's strength results in high-quality projects. I don't have to know the details of video and production, I turn to Srishti and I know that part is taken care of. Working together like that is really what brings the whole thing together."

Tammy PariagGraphic Designer | Production Coordinator

"Our teamwork and collaboration set us apart from the competition. A company can come to us and we can do e-learning, video production, we can create apps, and we do communication design. We do it all, and they only need to deal with one provider. We focus on making sure the client is comfortable and happy with any product we create for them."

Maria BitsakakisProduction Assistant

"Lai and Associates is very customer-centric and we’re always looking for an opportunity to satisfy our customers' needs. We are willing to adjust and understand the customer’s business, what their needs are, and how we can find solutions to meet and even exceed those needs and expectations. We've been successful so far in doing that and the growth of the business shows the customer satisfaction."

Denise PaponetteAdministrative Coordinator

"The fact that Lai and Associates can do all these things under one roof is amazing, because our clients only have to hire one company for almost everything. We’ve developed very good relationships with our clients because of our broad services, so they’re more inclined to work with us. In turn, we can create personalized solutions for whatever they need. We’re kind of a do it all, one-stop service, which is convenient for clients and something that I find very unique."

Aneesa AliMicrosoft Support and Solutions

“You get satisfaction from knowing you helped the end-user or the customer,” Kurt says. He also loves the exposure he gets to different clients in his role. “[Lai and Associates’] attention to detail is something I’ve been very impressed with,” he continues, “They’re detail-oriented and explain to the clients exactly what they’re doing. It stood out to me.”

Kurt JoslynIT Support Specialist and Administrator

"Lai and Associates has allowed me to streamline the process of getting things done," Sean sees his clients benefiting from Lai and Associates' services when needing help managing websites, ads, videos, or even business strategies. He describes us as a "one-stop shop" "[We] save clients from outsourcing to different companies for services."

Sean BurrettVideo Editor, Camera Operator