Lai and Associates is a proud Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider for various industries offering licensing, cloud and custom IT solutions to Medical Manufacturing, Military, Regional and Municipal clients.  

As a team, we help SME and enterprise clients identify process improvement opportunities and leverage their existing Microsoft 365 environments to develop and deliver secure, efficient and effective productivity apps, workflows or solutions. 

Custom or Out of the Box, our solutions are helping thousands of daily users across North America collaborate, communicate, or individually contribute to delivering products and services across key industries.  

Meet the Team

Rondha Ramdeo-Lai

Rondha Ramdeo-Lai

Lead Consultant | Microsoft 365 Champion of Change

With a background in IT solutioning and digital enablement, Rondha works with her clients to create processes that replace manual activities, reducing and simplifying workloads, improving efficiency, and saving valuable time and resources. A passionate champion of change and project management Rondha's at her best in the thick of a client's challenges, building strategies and delivering solutions.

Basil Lai

Basil Lai

Lead Consultant | Communication and Instructional Design

Basil’s talents reside in video production, sound engineering, events, corporate communications, and engagement strategy development. Building on his successes as the founder of Basil Lai Entertainment in the Caribbean, Basil has expertly executed corporate communications, municipal resident engagement, and digital adoption strategies for Canadian clients over the past five years.

"Working together as a team is the foundation of Lai and Associates' success. Being able to turn to each other and get the benefits of each person's strength results in high-quality projects. I don't have to know the details of video and production, I turn to Srishti and I know that part is taken care of. Working together like that is really what brings the whole thing together."

Tammy PariagGraphic Designer | Production Coordinator

"Our teamwork and collaboration set us apart from the competition. A company can come to us and we can do e-learning, video production, we can create apps, and we do communication design. We do it all, and they only need to deal with one provider. We focus on making sure the client is comfortable and happy with any product we create for them."

Maria BitsakakisProduction Assistant

“You get satisfaction from knowing you helped the end-user or the customer,” Kurt says. He also loves the exposure he gets to different clients in his role. “[Lai and Associates’] attention to detail is something I’ve been very impressed with,” he continues, “They’re detail-oriented and explain to the clients exactly what they’re doing. It stood out to me.”

Kurt JoslynIT Support Specialist and Administrator

"Lai and Associates has allowed me to streamline the process of getting things done," Sean sees his clients benefiting from Lai and Associates' services when needing help managing websites, ads, videos, or even business strategies. He describes us as a "one-stop shop" "[We] save clients from outsourcing to different companies for services."

Sean BurrettVideo Editor, Camera Operator