Technology is at the heart of any organizationfacilitating administration, timely delivery of products, services and information, protection and storage of data, automating processes, communication, and so much more.  
You need technology that works how you need it to when you need it to. That’s where we come in. As consultants with a dedicated Products team, we start by developing a strategy and then move into solutioning, adoption, and customization to meet your needs. As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), were on the cutting edge of IT, and that’s critical because technology never stops evolving. We drive innovation and find efficiencies for your business. 

Managed Services

IT environments require management, upkeep, and care to run smoothly. We can take care of that for you.

Let us handle your: 

  • Security
  • Monitoring
  • Compliance
  • Automation
  • Provisioning
  • Information Architecture
  • End-user Engagement
  • Training

We provide technical support on all our custom solutions to offer you speedy response times to issues and effective problem resolution. 

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License Management

Keep software overhead managed efficiently while enabling your team with a broad selection of software and subscription services. We’ll use our expertise to assess your licensing needs as a new customer and when your needs changeLicense reviews happen when you expand your workforce or wind down a project. 

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Custom Solutions

Do you have a project idea, goal, or business need to execute but don’t know how to start from a technology perspective? Custom solutions enable your team to do their best work through the use of the apps and workflows that are layered on top of Microsoft licenses, creating capabilities that are completely personalized for you.

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Microsoft Azure and Cloud Services

The cloud is a powerful tool, and we know how to optimize it for you.. By understanding your business, we can increase adoption and engagement through the development of personas, the creation of software profiles, and showing you the tricks of the trade. We’ll work with you to evolve your communication, bolster training, deepen your understanding of business scenarios to get the most out of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

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Microsoft 365 Training

Our short and interactive training modules, called Take 15s, are custom-built depending on your needs. We can address a dip in meeting attendance, resolve a boost in SharePoint access requests, or explore the apps attached to your environment to boost productivity and project management. Make your 15-minute coffee break productive with a Take 15!

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