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A talented videographer with an eye for the details – Meet Sean

By August 22, 2022No Comments

Meet Sean

A talented videographer with an eye for the details

With over a decade of experience in videography, clients thrive off his remarkable skills. His good eye for detail and
ability to connect narratives and visual elements serves in most of what he does: crafting storey structures for videos.

“I am also a capable shooter. When I need to go out and collect footage, that is connected to my understanding of how to create structure in videos.” Sean explains. Sean’s biggest passion is creating value.

He ensures that his videos are engaging enough to capture viewers’ attention. As far as what he learned while working at Lai and Associates, he developed the ability to balance workflow with the help of his team.

“Lai and Associates have allowed me to streamline the process of getting things done,” He explains. He feels as though he can rely on his fellow employees for project feedback.

“It cuts out from all the second-guessing… [I]can get someone to balance [my] thoughts and
ideas and get a fresh perspective on it.”

We asked Sean for a piece of advice he could give to his younger self or anyone fresh out of school in his career path. “Prepare yourself for all sides of the spectrum. It’s going to be difficult, and it’s going to be rewarding. But have a workman-like attitude towards it.”

Sean sees his clients benefiting from Lai and Associates’ services when needing help managing websites, ads, videos, or even business strategies. He describes us as a “one-stop shop” “[We] save clients from outsourcing to different companies for services.”

Helping businesses thrive is always something Sean cherishes. He simply funnels his creativity into what people can enjoy—Cool, exciting digital content to attract his clients’ audiences.

“I like making things look good and sound good. I want people to look and say, ‘that was neat, that was cool!”

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