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With a passion for IT solutions, sports, and film, Kurt shows what a well-rounded team player can do!

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Meet Kurt

Kurt, Lai and Associates’ newest IT Support Specialist and Administrator, is forging a path ahead

It wasn’t enough for Kurt to be on top of the IT game, he wanted to forge a path into the future. That’s why he joined Lai and Associates in November 2021.

“I wanted to transition into more of the Microsoft 365 environment,” Kurt explains, “[I wanted] the type of role where I’m dealing with cloud environments because I’d had some exposure to it and liked it.”

Kurt saw an opportunity to future proof his career with the onset of cloud-based IT work.

“A lot of businesses are moving away from on-site on-premises solutions,” he says. “In cloud solutions are becoming more valuable and more important now because it’s easier to manage.”

Over Kurt’s 15-year career, he sees the move to cloud-based solutions as a step in the right direction for small and medium businesses. Before pivoting to working with Microsoft 365, Kurt’s specialty was IT support, mainly working in supporting onsite IT infrastructures.

 At the end of the day, Kurt’s real passion, like many Lai and Associate employees, is problem-solving.

“You get satisfaction from knowing you helped the end-user or the customer,” Kurt says. He also loves the exposure he gets to different clients in his role.

“We have a diverse client base,” says Kurt, “I love being exposed to the different kinds of work and businesses.”

Though he started his position remotely and he works from home, working at Lai and Associates is a standout experience for Kurt.

“Everybody’s super nice,” he says, “I meet them via Microsoft Teams and the collaboration is good. The communication is good. Everybody I’ve met so far in the company is great.”

“[Lai and Associates’] attention to detail is something I’ve been very impressed with,” he continues, “They’re detail-oriented and explain to the clients exactly what they’re doing. It stood out to me.”

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