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Jill Of All Trades, Master Of Many – Meet Tammy

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Meet Tammy

She’s a designer with 19 years of experience, but Tammy’s skills don’t end there.

Tammy is on a quest to let people know that design isn’t limited to aesthetics. It’s about creating solutions that make life easier for everyone.  

“Purpose, functionality and cleverness are the main goals [of design],” Tammy says, “Learn[ing] to use the tools and design programs doesn’t make you a designer. Successful design [is when you] fulfill the client’s need for a functioning solution in an eye-catching and clever way.” 

Imparting that wisdom has always been part of Tammy’s career journey. She started at Lai and Associates as a graphic designer, designing for print, digital, social, SharePoint, and e-learning. With that much design experience, problem-solving comes naturally. 

“I enjoy figuring out a solution. If there’s any issue or problem, I love troubleshooting and coming up with a solution for it,” she says, “I’m determined to figure it out.” 

Since starting at Lai and Associates in 2019, Tammy’s branched out from designing quietly behind her computer on Illustrator and Photoshop to coordinating projects and working directly with clients to help deliver a solution that often reaches beyond design.  

One of the benefits of working for a boutique agency is having the opportunity to work outside a job description. Since versatility is one of Tammy’s strong points, it’s no surprise she enjoys working at Lai and Associates.  

“Working together as a team is the foundation for the company’s success,” Tammy explains, “Being able to turn to each other and get the benefits of each person’s strength results in high-quality projects.” 

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