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Switching from one CSP to another? Follow these steps.

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How to ensure no impact to the user or the IT team.

Moving your entire organization to a new CSP can be a careful discussion, no matter the size of the organization. However, the steps to complete this transition are simple, easy to follow and, luckily, mostly handled by our team.

Consultation Stage

Long before we flip the switch on your new subscriptions, you should have received an invitation to add us as a CSP. Having more than one CSP on your tenant is typical and sometimes even expected.  Now, as a partner, we can move to the next step.

We will work with you to list the number and type of subscriptions you currently have in use, discuss if more (or less) are needed, and the products now subscribed to and assigned to users. How? We run an analysis to review your subscription count and allocation across the organization and generate a report for your review and confirmation.

Proposal and Provisioning Stage

So at this point, you may have informed your CSP of your intent to switch. This is necessary, as you want to be sure of the offboarding process and not have an unforeseen period where two CSPs may bill you for the same licences. So be sure of your offboarding process with your previous CSP.

Before the proposed switchover, we provision identical subscriptions to your tenant and ensure that they are all active. At this point, you will see twice the licences on your tenant. To avoid possible double billing, we suggest this be done in a day or two before the switchover date and prior to your current billing cycle date.

Once confirmed as having two of the same licences, you can now inform your CSP of the intent to switch, and they can begin suspending the subscriptions on your tenant.

The duplicate licence provisioned by our team will automatically be assigned to the correct user, causing no impact to your organization.

Ensuring licence allocation

To assist, we will then run our analysis a second time to ensure that the assignments are correct. When confirmed, the next step would be to delist the old CSP.

Delisting the old CSP

This step is done by the client and can be accessed through the admin portal. If needed, we can guide you to this quick process.

You’re all done.

That’s it! You can expect the same performance and access for all users to their accounts, email, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint and other tools that they expect.

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