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Corporate social media messaging, and go-to content options

By April 24, 2021No Comments

Positive messaging and “the faces” of the company are go-to content options

Social media continues to be one of the most effective mediums to reach massive audiences or targeted ones. As can be expected, corporate clients choose this communication channel for everything from brand visibility to job placement. However, those who know also use social for “listening.”

Like any conversation, knowing what the current discussions’ about is the best way to know what to say next. Miss the topic, comment on the wrong thing at the wrong time and risk coming across as tone-deaf. A definite blow to your brands’ performance online.

We offer social media listening as a part of our services to clients that want to be a part of the online discussion.

Listening can uncover keywords mentioned about your brand, tag and track comments, hashtags and more, that can shape the communication plan long before you make your first post.

Monitoring your brand health is a great way to know the public sentiment about your product, brand or even what staff thinks about the workplace.

Reducing the time it will take to get your message across and keep you constantly on pace with the topics trending or bubbling just under the surface online.

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